All Type of Shaped Refractory Bricks

Conventional Castables

Castable refer to materials of hydraulic setting in nature, These are the materilas that often contain cemet binder, which imparts hydraulic setting properties to castable when they are mixed with water, extensively used in boiler work, boiler blocks, power plants, sugar plants, steel plants, etc.

Fireclay Mortars & High alumina Mortars

These are materials which consist of precision graded coarse and fine refractory grains. They are gelled by means of a binder system in the materials green state. Following the heat-up of the material the binder either transforms or volatilises facilitating the formation of a ceramic bond.

Special Purpose Lining and Coating Materials

(Coil Coats, Ortex, Mortars in Paste form, Fondu Climent)

We supply complete range of special purpose lining materials like coil coats, fondu climent, ortex/thermotex, air setting mortas, various types of gunning and spraying mixes etc. as per requirement of customer's application.

Insulating Castables

Insulating castable is used as a secondary lining in process industries and contact layer in petrochemical industry, insulating castable usually contains lightweight aggregate such as fireclay, exapanded clay, bubble alumina,reclaimed material, expanded chamotte, perlite or vermiculite.

Oxygen Lancing Pipe

Oxygen lance is a Hellow electri welded tube used in various sizes from 1/8'' to 2'' inside diameter. Oxygen lance pipe comes in a variety of end finishes. End caps are provided to prevent contamination.

Generally large furnaces are non tilting in type and use bottom pouring method to take out the molten metal through the tap hole. When the tap hole needs to be opened the same is done with the help of a high frequency induction welded low carbon mild steel tube which can sustaiin 750 psi pressure without leaking of suitable size 8mm NB, 15mm NB or oven 25mm NB in certain cases. Oxygen at high pressure is injected through these tubes into the tape hoel and the molten metal starts flowing. Depending on the type of ferro alloy steel plant or copper or zinc smelter the consumption of the pipe is determined. These lancing pipes are basically used to open the tap holes of bottom pouring furnaces.

Our oxygen lancing pipes with long service life are developed from hot rolled carbon steel. Prior to dispatch of the range to our clients, these are passed through various tests including dimensional checking, hydro testing (pressure test), flattening test and drift test. Global standard lancing pipes are widely accepted for blowing oxygen in electric arc furnace.

Oxygen lancing is a reliable method for tapping heats or for other production operations.