All Type of Shaped Refractory Bricks

Fire Clay Refactory Bicks & Shapes

All type of Fire Clay Bicks including low duty, High duty, Medium duty, Super duty, which are extensively used in iron & steel industries, Non - Ferry Mettallury Glass industreis, Cement industreis, Pottery Kilns & Many Others.

High Alumina Refactory Bicks & Shapes

We supply complete range of High Alumina Bicks which offers exelent hardness, strength, spilling resistance, high resitance, in oxidizing & reducing atmosphere and are extomively used in EAF, Blunt Furnaces & Blast Furnaces stove, cement line & ceramic kilns, Glass Tanks, melting of wide range of metal of other general industries.

Basic Refactory Bicks & Shapes

We supply complete range of Basic Bicks like magnesium bricks, magnesiya bricks, carbon bricks, chrome magnesia bricks, alumina magnesia spinel bricks for various high application of steel EAF, reheating furnaces steel ladies, copper refineris, chemical industries & Other applications.

Insulation Refactory Bicks & Shapes

Insulation Bicks having special feature like low T.C light weight which are widely using bricks & furness various type of insulation bricks include ceramic cold face, mica insulation bricks, HFK kyanite bared bricks, calcium silicate bricks & blocks, Porosiant bricks & all type specifiactions of customers.