CCM Materials & Tundish Boards

High Purity Castables & Mortars ( 90S Castable, 90K Mortar Green etc )

High Purity Castables like 90S, Low cement 60 and 80 for tundish, 90K green mortar which used in ladles for setting nozzles and in for setting slide gate plate area. We supply this materials being manufactured with purest of raw materials giving them great resistance to thermal shocks and withstanding high temperatures.

CCM materials Radex

Radex called expandable heat insulating compounds. These are basically used in steel industries on ladle or tundish and help in producing tallor-made refractory that are at par with international standards. Suiting specific apllications of industries like steel, Glass, Cement, Coke Oven, Re-rolling mills, Sponge iron and others.

Casting Powder NFC

Casting Powder in ccm forms a very strog lubricating layer between solidifying metal and mould guaranteeing prevention of both metal and mould surface. NOZZLE FILLING COMPOUND is a free-flowing refractory particular materials used in the ladle or tundish sliding gate to prevent skulling and steel freeze-off and ensure easy opening at the start of casting.

Silica Tundish Boards for Tundish Linings

Tundish Boards are the disposable Boards used to form an inner lining for continuous casting tundishes. Tundish Boards help in saving energy significantly and also reduce consumption of refractory in tundishes. The Tundish Boards also improves the quality of steel by providing fresh Boards lining whenever the tundish is changed.

Ceramic Insulation Products

Low Cement Castables

Low Cement Castable (LCC) belongs to the deflocculated castable category , Low Cement Castable can be applied by vibration casting, dry gunning, self-flow or shotcrete. In the various field of industrial construction where fire bricks need to be used under high temperature, our low cement cstable are easily usuable for various purposes.

Ramming Mass (Acidic (Silica), Basic, Neutral)

Silica ramming mass is also known as asacidic ramming mass or silica mix, is used in careless induction furnaces, for melting of scrap, quality of acidic ramming mass is directly related to the heating performance of the furnaces. better quality of lining results in the smooth working of furnaces, optimum output and better metallurgical control. We supply all types of ramming mass as per customers's requirements.

Refractory Cements (50% and 70%)

Refractory cements are mixed with Refractory aggregates (Bauxite, Tabular Alumina, White Fused Alumina, Brown fused alumina, andalusite, Silimanite, Chamotte, Perlite, Vermiculite etc.) and used with various installation techniquest: dry gunning, wet gunning, vibration casting etc. depending on the application.

Refactory Bed Materials

Refractory Bed Materials for boilers is made out of high quality refractory aggregates of high alumina contents & dense texture. Refractory Bed Materials for FBC & CFBC boilers is a very exclusive refractory product, processed specially to give smooth fluidization with different fuels under different service conditions.